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Our upcoming meetings for the local businesses

  • Wednesday 28th September: 6pm-7pm - St Lawrence's Church Hall, 1 Hamilton Rd, Sidcup, DA15 7HB
  • Tuesday 11th October: 6pm-7pm - St Lawrence's Church Hall, 1 Hamilton Rd, Sidcup, DA15 7HB
  • Wednesday 26th October: 6pm-7pm - St Lawrence's Church Hall, 1 Hamilton Rd, Sidcup, DA15 7HB

Previous Meetings

  • Tuesday 13th September: 6pm-7pm - St Lawrence's Church Hall, 1 Hamilton Rd, Sidcup, DA15 7HB
  • Tuesday 30th August: 6pm-7pm - Your Move, 1 Elm Parade, Sidcup

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Sidcup pharmacy receives ‘Kent’s most exceptional business’ award.
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A great deal of work has been done in Sidcup, by both local businesses and the Council, in order to make the town centre an attractive place to shop and spend time. This has been a great success and has given us a much more vibrant and busy town than we had five years ago. The proposals for a Sidcup BID aim to build on these successes and will help to strengthen the ties between business owners and build a community with the means to celebrate what Sidcup has to offer and to attract new footfall and customers. BIDs elsewhere, such as in Orpington and Bexleyheath, have proved popular and have helped foster a sense of collaboration which has attracted farmers’ markets, Christmas Fayres and a whole host of other events, bringing in new shoppers and helping to improve perceptions about their town centres. I hope that business owners in Sidcup will come together to do the same and to celebrate Sidcup as a place to shop, a place to eat and a town in which we all take pride."

James Brokenshire

Rose Bruford College is fully supportive of the creation of a Sidcup BID. We are pleased to have the opportunity to engage more closely with our local community and open up the College, and our work, to local businesses and residents. We know that a successful BID will make Sidcup a highly desirable area, creating a new identity for the town that will boost the local economy and environment, making the town an attractive place to live, work or indeed study. A Sidcup BID will pay dividends for the College through our student recruitment and local and regional engagement strategies and we hope that the College will, in turn, help the development of local retail, accommodation and leisure sector. We are very pleased to be involved with the Sidcup BID and will certainly be voting ‘YES’ in the autumn."

Andrew Scanlan, Head of Development, Rose Bruford College

LAB is a new business to the high street opening as recently as yesterday. We have been fully supportive of the BID as we as an independent business stand to benefit a number of BID services. We are a Beauty Salon which offers "regular" beauty therapies alongside more advanced treatments & non-surgical cosmetic therapies. As an independent business we look forward to the support of a BID as we would access significant utility savings, benefit from an improved on-line presence which would increase our customer base and a dedicated BID manager that would work independently from the council and protect the commercial interests of the area. We have been in the Sidcup area for the last 20 months and we have built a large and loyal client base. We hope that our new more prominent position in the high street, along with our fabulous interior, which is high spec and luxurious, will attract more custom for us and more visitors to the high street which hopefully in turn will benefit other local businesses. We feel Sidcup has come a long way over the last 3 years and is growing from strength to strength therefore a BID is the best way to protect as reflected in 50 other successful business communities across London. We are on good terms with other traders in the location and are happy to forge links and share promotional ideas in order to allow us and them to grow more quickly.

Mel, L.A.B

We have worked over the last 6 months to bring the bid to this point. If you think more should be done to make Sidcup a better place to trade, if you think that Sidcup can be better promoted, be cleaner and more attractive then like me, support the bid and vote YES. Its about large and small businesses working together to bring in more customers. The Bid will be a turning point for Sidcup and has my hundred percent backing."

Sue Petty, Your Move

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